Request for Quotation – Consultation Services

Request for Quotation – Consultation Services

The East Midlands Parks Forum has secured an HLF Resilient Heritage grant to assist in the development of a Midland Wide Parks Forum as a sustainable organisation tasked to champion the benefits of public parks. The project will bring about the amalgamation of the East and West Midland Parks forums into a Midland wide organisation with associated benefits of scale, technical capacity and experience.

High quality parks require the management skills of high-quality professionals. This project is designed to provide East Midlands parks professionals with the support they require to ensure that public parks are fit for the future. The Midlands Parks Forum is looking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced consultant who will support the development of a midland’s wide parks forum. It will also be necessary for the consultant to support the appointment of a part time paid employee.

For more details and information on how to apply, please download the Request of Quotation here.

The Deadline for Clarifications is 26 April 2019.

Bids must be submitted by 12pm on 10 May 2019.